CSK Membership – 4 Week Share


By signing up for 4 weeks of deliveries you are now a member of our Community Supported Kitchen. Every Wednesday, for 4 weeks, you will receive one share’s worth of meals :

  • 2 entrees (1 meat, 1 vegetarian), each serves 2
  • 2 sides, each serves 2
  • 1 32oz soup or salad or appetizer (see which in the Weekly Menu)
  • 1 large single serving dessert to share
  • 1 loaf of the Bread of the Week


Your 4 Week CSK membership comes with a 10% discount on Share Upgrades items delivered with your weekly share.

When you order a CSK membership by 10:00 am Monday, the delivery starts the following Wednesday. Please specify in the notes if you would like to custom schedule your deliveries . Once started, you will receive your shares each Wednesday for 4 weeks. If you are away and would like to skip a week, just fill out this form by 10:00 am Monday for that Wednesday. We will resume delivery the following week.

See our weekly menu here.

Buying a share as a gift? See Gift Certificates or Contact Us to make arrangements.


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