Heating Instructions

Although we do our best to list ingredients, some may not be. If you have any food allergies and are not sure our food is safe for you please contact us!

Even though all our containers are microwave safe, this may affect the quality of some items, such as proteins, fried or breaded foods.

Remember preheating is essential for proper results.

Cooking and reheating times may vary

Delivering Wednesday June 16th  
1.Chicken & Sausage “New Orleans” – Chorizo & grilled chicken in a cajun alfredo with broccoli, arugula, roasted peppers & bowtie pasta In a saute pan on low heat, add a few tablespoons of water,stir gently while heating, 6-8 min.
2.Garlic Buttered Mini Baguette Bake in foil @350 for 10-12 min. For a crustier loaf uncover before heating.
3.Garlic & Herb Cheddar Potato Pie 
Russet potatoes, green onion, eggs, local cheddar & mizuna in a sesame coated puff pastry crust. Bake @375 for 10-12 min. 
4.Chopped Garden Salad 
Homegrown romaine & mixed lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes & red onion with house made honey balsamic vinaigrette Dress and toss just before serving. 
5.Soup of the Week – Bermuda Fish Chowder. Local caught haddock, sea clams, peppers, onions & tomatoes. 
Served with a side of house made sherry pepper sauce Bring to simmer over medium heat. Add sherry pepper sauce to individual servings to taste, it’s very spicy!
6.Dessert of the Week – Strawberry Meringue Roulade 
With HomeGrown strawberries & rose petal whipped cream 
Bread of the Week – Crusty Semolina 
    *available in add-ons    
This Week’s Local Sources    
  Kelliebrook Farm chorizo | Riverside Farm potatoes | Brandmore Farm cheddar| NH Community Seafood haddock | HomeGrown arugula, mizuna, romaine, lettuce, scallion, tomato sauce, peppers, eggs 

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